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At Advantage Letterpress we create candle packaging products for the luxury candle industry. Our unique offering of letterpress printed dust covers, hang tags, and jar labels will enhance the shelf presence of your candles. The hand-crafted quality, premium materials, and pride of workmanship that’s found in our packaging products will complement and reinforce those same features found in your candles.

Branding Design For Your Candle Company

We have a great deal of experience designing candle packaging supplies and branding elements- it is our speciality. Do you need assistance in designing a logo or creating the art for your packaging? We have a talented group of graphic designers, calligraphers, and illustrators ready to create the visual story of your candle brand and a variety of candle packaging products to tell that story.

Letterpress Printed Candle Packaging


Our printing process is a form of relief printing. We ink the raised surface of a printing plate and transfer the type and imagery to a sheet of paper by bringing the two surfaces into contact. The heavy transfer pressure leaves a tactile impression in the paper; an aesthetic of modern letterpress printing.

It’s a labor intensive and hands-on form of printing that allows us to run a variety of papers to compliment the branding of your candles. Super-thick cover stock, wonderfully textured hand-made paper, artist paper, and more can all be ran through the press; giving your candle dust covers, hang tags, and jar labels a luxurious and authentic hand-printed finish.

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  • Ija Designs, Bend, OR

    “Thank you! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on our packaging that you’ve done, it’s had a phenomenal impact on my business.”

    Ija Designs, Bend, OR
  • Linn Ramm Østgaard, Oslo, Norway

    “The package just recieved, and I just want you to know that we are extremely pleased with the result!
    The print is just amazing. Thank you so much!”

    Linn Ramm Østgaard, Oslo, Norway
  • Fifty-Fifty Candle Co., Telluride, CO

    “…the labels are perfect! Thank you for your work…they are selling fast! A re-order might be coming sooner than I expected!”

    Fifty-Fifty Candle Co., Telluride, CO
  • Zenadia Design, Lompoc, CA

    “Thank you for being so detail oriented! One of the many reasons you’re one of my preferred printers.”

    Zenadia Design, Lompoc, CA
  • Jenn P., Mineola, NY

    “Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my invitations.  I love the ink color and the letterpress is perfect!  I have been receiving a lot of compliments!”

    Jenn P., Mineola, NY
  • Luke A., Portland, OR

    “Just a quick note to express my gratitude and amazement in your production of these beautiful business cards. It was great getting to know you along the way, and I appreciate your friendliness and expertise! Thanks again!”

    Luke A., Portland, OR