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Mission Statement

Advantage Letterpress is uniquely positioned as the full-service candle branding company; exclusively serving the luxury candle industry.
It is our mission, through in-depth experience, single-minded focus, and resources of the highest caliber, to provide the utmost in creative candle packaging design and printing of exceptional quality to meet our clients’ exacting expectations.

The Advantage Letterpress Team

Say hello to “Vincent”, our Chandler & Price platen press. This fellow has been printing wonderful work since about 1896. Before we acquired him he was printing books of poetry for a gentleman in Portland, Oregon. We are unaware of his history before then, but he was manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio before being sold to his first owner by Norman F. Hall Co., an equipment supplier that was located in San Francisco, California. His current home is with us in Vancouver, Washington, where he’s been creating beautiful candle dust covers, hang tags, labels, and a variety of other printed work since 2008.

That’s Vincent being hand-fed by Kevin in the video above


Hello! We’re Kevin and Nicole, the outdoor-adventure-seeking couple that makes up the human part of the team. We’re born and raised natives of the Pacific Northwest and when we’re not designing and printing gorgeous candle packaging, or otherwise following our calling in life, you can find us in the woods, on the mountains, or strolling the coast; immersing ourselves and our family in the endless scenery of the place we call home.

We are Advantage Letterpress- The Candle Branding Co.


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