Final Art File Setup

Will you be supplying your own design files? Please read through our file setup tips if you will be supplying us with completed design files.

To help you in your design process, we can supply you, or your designer, with a die-line file for one of our existing cutting die shapes, contact us and we’ll happily email it to you.

Type and Artwork

For the best results use vector-based type and artwork. If you have to use raster-based art, scanned calligraphy for example, it is recommended that you convert the scan into a 50% Threshold bitmap (.bmp) at 1200 pixels per inch.


Provide .125″ of bleed art for any part of your design that runs off the edge.

File Set-up Preferences

Submit each of your files as a Press-Ready PDF following the steps and meeting the criteria below. Your files will be reviewed before any materials are ordered and you will be contacted if anything does not meet the set-up preferences

Exporting a Press-ready PDF

  1. Convert type to outlines.
  2. Designate colors in Pantone Solid Uncoated or 100% Black CMYK.
  3. Select Crop Marks and Registration Marks from the Marks and Bleeds section of the export dialog box.

Verify the PDF file

  1. Open each exported file in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select …/Print Production/Output Preview.
  3. Verify that the art and text is specified in Process Black and/or the correct Pantone color channels by selecting and deselecting the appropriate check boxes.
  4. Verify that no anti-aliasing is evident, pixels should only be black or white in a raster graphic that was converted to a .bmp file.

Do you still have file set-up questions?

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