Candle Packaging

Everyone Loves a Great Story

You don’t just sell candles. There’s already a wide variety of companies in the marketplace crowding the shelves with their candles. Let them sell candles; you’re selling a story.

A story is what your customer truly desires; the story of your whyWhy does your company do what it does? There’s a reason your company makes luxury candles, a purpose that goes beyond simply earning money. Speak to that purpose and you will earn more than a sale, you will earn a customer’s adoration because they’ve made a connection with your brand. There’s only one story like yours and it’s a uniquely wonderful why.

Dust Covers, Hang Tags, and Jar Labels; the candle packaging we create gives you a place to tell that story.


The Full-Service Candle Branding Co.

Our services include branding design, candle packaging design, and print production of the finest candle dust covers, toppers, hang tags, and jar labels; letterpress printed on premium environmentally conscious papers.

What candle packaging products can we create for you?

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