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Letterpress Business Cards
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We letterpress print our business cards on the rich and luxurious feeling Crane’s Lettra 110# or 220# super-thick, 100% cotton paper; giving them our exclusive hand-crafted look and feel. Pricing below is for the standard size of 2″ x 3.5″. Custom shapes and other paper stocks are available, contact us directly for pricing.

110# Lettra2505007501000
1-Color, 1-side, 110# Lettra:$319$346$386$433
1-Color, 2-sides, 110# Lettra:$445$509$570$635
2-Colors, 1-side, 110# Lettra:$477$541$601$665
220# Lettra
1-Color, 1-side, 220# Lettra:$357$425$509$586
1-Color, 2-sides, 220# Lettra:$492$598$708$806
2-Colors, 1-side, 220# Lettra:$523$629$740$837

The pricing above is for one person’s business card, please submit the form below if you need business cards for multiple people.

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Submit this form and we’ll send a pricing estimate to you- by the next business day in most cases. Please fill in the Project Specifications section with as much detail as possible. You can also use the File Upload area to attach any design or mockup files for us to reference so we can give you the most accurate pricing.

Need graphic design help? Let us know what you need and we’ll price that for you as well.

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